Elli Matkin

Elli grew up in Homer, AK and was first introduced to Rolfing® SI as a 13-year-old. For her the experience was profound both physically and emotionally, and sent her into adolescence with stability and strength. When she was 19, she went to South Africa to volunteer with the Rolfer who worked with her six years prior and was astounded by the practice's ability to relieve trauma, bridge language differences, and address severe physical ailments. 

Years later, she graduated from Whitman College with a BA in Environmental Sociology, and went on to do environmental non-profit work in Alaskan native villages. Though this was an important and fulfilling experience, it didn't tap into Elli's desire to help people on a fundamental physical and emotional level. She decided to return to Rolfing SI as a practitioner, and give to others what had been given to her as a teenager. She hopes to one day have a dual counseling and Rolfing SI practice, and is now pursuing an MSW at the University of Montana. Elli believes there is a strong connection between our physical and mental states, and that by attending to this relationship we can all engage more gracefully in the world.