Receiving a 10-series from Elli was transformative. She is a gifted practitioner whose intuition, sensitivity, and presence is second to none. She has an uncanny ability to make her clients feel met at every turn, supporting them through their personal journey to health. Elli is highly tuned in to her clients and she always made me feel completely cared for and understood. I loved that every session with her was a discovery, both of myself and also her breadth, range, knowledge, and creativity. She helped me realize long held patterns that were no longer serving me and then gave me the tools to transcend these patterns. Thanks to her, I now have much greater ease in walking, standing, sitting, and living. My body pain decreased significantly over our series and my posture found it's long sought-after home. And all of this was done with something I never associated with Rolfing before - fun! Elli's humor and joy of personal connection sets the tone of her sessions, creating a sense of ease and levity. That said, she has incredible depth and wisdom and also maintains a safe space for exploration into challenging territories. My work with Elli helped me not only physically but also emotionally transform. I am enormously grateful to have received such dynamic and enlightened work from her. - Katie F., California


I received the 10-Series with Elli after a very stressful year, including an auto accident/back injury, serious eye problem, and lots of prolonged family stress. I had definitely hit a lifetime low, evidenced by a low level of overall function. The accelerated course allowed me to rebound very quickly and discover strengths I didn't know I had. Turns out that Elli possesses a very nice combination of integrity, moral and physical strength, excellent technique with superb instincts, and is always upbeat and focused. Definitely one of the best experiences of my life. -Robert A., Colorado

Over the years I have had several injuries and have been treated by all kinds of massage and chiropractic care. I went to Grace Ridge Rolfing to see what Rolfing would do for this wreck I walk around in. I scheduled the 10-series to go the entire route and see what happens. The first day I had a feeling I was on the right path with the right professional. As the sessions went on I felt better, could walk without being bent over all the time and had a lot less pain! And another experience was how well Elli can make you comfortable. I had complete trust in her and the exercises she gave me helped too.  She is also warm and fun. My sessions continue once in a while when I wreck myself again. I would recommend her to anyone, old like me or young, she will help you out immensely physically and mentally. Thank you Elli for keeping me active and healthy! - Tom K., Montana