Session Format

Elli's sessions are around 75 minutes long. This timeframe includes diagnostics and a structural evaluation, during which she will watch you walk and do a few specific movements in order to best determine where to focus her attention during that session. After these diagnostics, the majority of the session involves hands-on work; at any given time you will be on the table, seated, or standing. Elli ends with a post-session comparison of similar diagnostics.

New Client: If you are a new client your first session will be around 90 minutes in order to go over health history and so that you and Elli can get to know each other a bit. If possible, please fill out the intake forms (click button below) and bring them to your first session or send them via email:


Traditionally a client receives Rolfing® SI over the course of ten consecutive sessions. Known as the Ten-Series, this format is designed to systematically work over the entire body from superficial to deep, with each session building off the last. The Ten-Series is separated into three mini series: sleeve sessions (1-3), core sessions (4-7) and integration sessions (8-10). In the sleeve sessions Elli begins to work through the more superficial layers of fascial restrictions. In the core sessions she goes a bit deeper into the layers of structural misalignment and postural holdings. By the end of the sessions 1 through 7, Elli will have covered the territory of the entire body. The integration sessions are designed to accommodate whatever issues still need attention in your body and create a sense of closure and balance.

Rolf Movement® Integration

Elli often incorporates movement and education into her sessions in order to compliment the structural work being done. Rolf Movement focuses on optimizing how you go about your daily activities: walking, working, sitting, standing, driving, etc. Rolf Movement can also be catered towards improving performance for athletes.

13 - Series

The 13-Series is the Ten-Series with three Rolf Movement Integration sessions incorporated throughout: one after sessions 3, 7, and 10.

What to Wear

Since the session takes place on and off the table—standing, lying, sitting, and walking—it’s important to wear clothing that leaves you unencumbered. For women this is usually a bra and underwear.  For men underwear or running shorts work well.  

Tight biking shorts, yoga pants, or sports bras are to be avoided as they restrict tissue and can make work difficult.

What to do After Sessions

After you receive the session it’s ideal if you can make time to go for a walk and integrate the work done—even if it’s just a few minutes. Your body continues to incorporate the work you received after you leave Elli's office. Walking and spending a minute being mindful in your own body can help ensure the work sticks.